Staff Profiles 2019 – 2020

Alyssa Andoyo – Feature Editor
Alyssa Andoyo is a junior here at Chanute High School. She is the feature editor for the newspaper, and has 3 years of experience. Alyssa is a state champion for advertising, and has placed 2nd and 3rd for other events. But she also has other interests like dancing, singing, and she also loves all art. She is excited to learn more and contribute to The Comet, while also helping the new students learn.

Drayton Cleaver – Assistant Sports Editor
Drayton Cleaver is a sophomore at Chanute High School and is continuing his second year on The Comet staff. In his first year of newspaper he was awarded the chance to go to state and is determined to go again. Cleaver is an assistant sports editor, and he strives to do his very best and gives 100% effort to himself and the team. He also enjoys playing with his three dogs: Copa, Espy, and Tippet. He keeps active in his daily life by often going golfing, fishing, and playing soccer. Cleaver hopes to make this his most successful year by far, and hopes to achieve this due to his persistent nature and can-do attitude.

Tibernay Beal – Digital Co-Editor-in-Chief
Tibernay Beal is currently in her third year of newspaper. The position she has in newspaper is digital co-editor and chief. Last year she was able to get 3rd place in group multimedia for newspaper. As a junior her favorite thing to do is to watch Netflix. Her traits of being outgoing, creative, and good in groups help succeed in the class.

Mason Vietti – Digital Co-Editor-in-Chief
Mason Vietti, a senior at Chanute High School, is in his third year of newspaper. During the three years he earned two regional awards and one state award. Mason’s position on the newspaper staff is digital co editor and chief, and in addition he is six feet five inches.

Jayden Gensweider – Digital Sports Editor
Jayden Gensweider, a current sophomore, has been in newspaper for two years. Jayden has won honorable mentions in the sports section at state. As the Digital Sports Editor, he is in control of everything sport related that goes onto the website. His inspiration for being the digital sports editor came from being a huge professional wrestler fan for most of his life.

Caden Schwegman – Graphic Designer
Entering his third year on staff, junior Caden Schwegman fills his role as a graphic designer and reporter for The Comet. In his free time, Schwegman participates in Chanute High School athletics–cross country, basketball, and baseball. This summer, Schwegman gained a second tattoo which he earned for hitting a home run in one of his baseball games. After graduating, he hopes to obtain a job as either a professional athlete or working in sports medicine.

Danielle Wilson – Photographer
Danielle Wilson, a senior at CHS, has been in the newspaper class for two years. Her position in the class is a photographer because of her love for photography. She also likes things like ‘Batman’ and ‘Riverdale’ along with her favorite book series, ‘Harry Pot

Delila Bloemer – Reporter
Delila Bloemer is a freshman at Chanute High School. Bloemer will be a reporter for her first year with The Comet. Bloemer desires to go into Neurology after her time at CHS. She has the incredible ability to eat all day and not gain any weight. Bloemer does track and wrestling, as well as playing volleyball.

Jay Brown – Reporter
New to The Comet staff is senior reporter and podcaster, Jay Brown. Brown aims to report the facts to the students and staff of Chanute High School. After school you can often find Brown participating in soccer and the Blue Comet debate league. One of his profound hobbies is hunting. However, Brown would not be able to spend all of his time doing so, as Brown loves to learn new material and expand his knowledge in all subjects. Brown aspires to be a lawyer after attending Yale University located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Hannah Furrow – Reporter
Freshmen Hannah Furrow is entering her first year into the high school as a reporter for The Comet in the 2019-2020 school year. In her spare time Furrow enjoys reading and spending time with her cat, Delilah. She looks forward to bringing her writing skills to help improve The Comet staff this year.

Kelsey Goodner – Reporter
Kelsey Goodner, a junior, will be entering her second year of newspaper as a reporter. Last year she won 3rd at state for multimedia storytelling. In her free time Kelsey enjoys throwing discus for the track team.

Riley Goracke – Reporter
Riley Goracke is a junior who has joined The Comet staff this year as a reporter. She hopes to become a graphic designer and illustrate for the newspaper. In her free time, she also works as a beekeeper.

Britin Hanna – Reporter
Britin Hanna is a sophomore at Chanute High School. It is his first year doing newspaper and he has yet to win any awards for newspaper. His position on the staff is reporter and he enjoys working on graphical designs and editing videos.

Parker Dale Henson – Reporter
Freshman Parker Dale Henson is a well-rounded team player at Chanute High School. Not only is Henson part of the CHS tennis and basketball team, but he is also a first-time reporter for the 2019-2020 Comet staff. When asked why he wanted to join the newspaper this year, Henson said, “Because I was in journalism class in middle school and it was a good experience for team building.” His hobbies include having bad ankles and breaking them while playing basketball.

Dennise Lopez – Reporter
Senior Dennise Lopez is a first year reporter on The Comet staff. She loves horses, traveling and going to the beach. Her favorite Sonic drink is a Cherry Red Bull Slush. Lopez also enjoys playing tennis. During her free time she enjoys photography.

Paloma Martinez – Reporter
Paloma Martinez is a freshman coming to serve as a first year reporter. Coming in to join a class she can where she can be involved, and has an upbeat, fun pace, her ideal position would be a photographer. Pamola enjoys activities such as writing poetry and participating in scholars bowl. In the future, she plans on being a forensic scientist or an accountant.

Lige Robinson – Reporter
Lige Robinson is a junior in his first year on staff for The Comet. He was pressured into taking the class by Mr. Fox, but hopes to learn many new things about writing and the newspaper in general. As the year progresses he hopes to test out every position on staff and hopes to find his passion but as of right now he is a reporter. When Lige is not learning new things he enjoys chilling with friends on Xbox and hanging out with his little sister. He is very enthusiastic about what this year will bring but fears no one will laugh at his jokes.

Autumn Sharp – Reporter
Autumn Sharp is a junior that has recently joined The Comet. She will be starting off as a reporter and is very excited to be on the team. An interesting fact about Autumn is that she loves to write and is currently working on a book. Sharp is also really into piercings, she’s had a total of 12 different ones.

Trey Smoot – Reporter
Trey Smoot, a sophomore at Chanute High School, is going into his second year for the school’s newspaper staff as a reporter, a photo editor and also a graphic designer. Although he has not been awarded any awards at state, he is a hardworking, devoted Comet. In his free time, he enjoys playing multiple sports such as soccer and basketball.