The Highschool Experience

Mason Vietti, Reporter

The high school experience is one of the most important moments in any person’s life, whether students dread every bit of it, casually move through it, or love every second of it. Most teens spent their childhood anticipating the time when they would officially become high schoolers. It can be agreed upon that high school hasn’t lived up to its expectations. Most children expected parties, driving, money, and most of all, freedom. Instead, they got the energy-draining, heart-breaking, hope-shattering experience known as high school.

A Google Form was sent out to all students, and many responses were collected. When asked about the most important part of the high school experience, 40 percent of the students selected friendships/relationships over anything else. Good grades was chosen as the second most important part, with about 29 percent of the votes. Surprisingly, only 12 percent of the students claimed good health to be the most important. Sports, partying, and alone time added up to the remainder, about 17 percent.

When asked what the high school experience was really about, junior Emilee Roberts described it as, “I think it’s about finding out who you really are while having fun along the way” She is not alone with this mindset. Most of the students who responded said it was about finding their true self, and making memories through the years. On the other hand, some students said it was all about “Being a kid and doing stupid things,” or as said by senior Kristin Umbarger, it’s about “Livin’ like Larry.”

Whether students love it or hate it, the years spent in high school are some of the first opportunities many people get to experience the real world.

It is the time when people are shaped into their true selves, when they find their talents and interests, when they meet their real friends, when they find their first love, and when they finally get to live. Even with all the challenges students have to face, the high school experience offers the first sense of understanding what life is all about.