Campbell named new principal


Dustin Vargo, Reporter

The USD 413 school board has announced that they have found someone to succeed retiring Principal Johnny Lawrence.

That person is current math teacher Brian Campbell. Campbell has been teaching for 14 years total, both in Colorado and Kansas. The last three years of his career he has taught math at CHS.

One of Campbell’s biggest priorities for next year is making sure that everyone is moving in the same direction and is on the same page.

“My biggest goal right now is to make sure that all of us teachers and students alike are on the same goal, the same path and the same vision,” Campbell said.

Campbell also believes that communication is a very important aspect to being an administrator.

“The two biggest things with administration is relationship building with students and staff and communication.… Without good communication things get misinterpreted, things don’t go very well,” Campbell said.

Campbell will officially take the principal position in July.