A Guide to Surviving Quarantine

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The unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected almost all areas of society; it is no surprise that it has a direct impact on the methods and of learning during the pandemic. 


Whether in-person, virtual, or even a hybrid of the two, many changes have been made to make education possible during these troubling times. Some changes include transitioning most schoolwork to online instead of paper, social distancing and disinfecting classrooms to reduce exposure, and using online conference calls to eliminate exposure.


As with all changes, there are always effects that they have on others that can be positive or negative. It has been exactly that for the students, adjusting to the new normal for this school year.


One major change students face while working at home is keeping a routine to provide structure in their lives during their time in quarantine. It is very difficult to stay productive at home and not fall into lazy habits. Below are some tips to help overcome the issues that quarantine presents.



Some have struggled with keeping up with schoolwork at home because they have had too much time for a structured day while others have appreciated that free time.


Another change, specifically made at Chanute High School, is block scheduling. Instead of normal length, about 45 minute class periods, CHS transitioned to an alternative schedule that features 90 minute class periods (four periods each day) and normal length classes on fridays. For some, this change has made it hard to stay engaged for this long, however others have claimed they are more productive in the 90 minutes.


Perhaps the most difficult adjustment in each student’s life has been the location where classwork or homework is done. Students have struggled the most when forced to do classwork at home use on Zoom, a video conference app that became popular during the pandemic, for their learning.


This has resulted in students being forced to be very organized in order to be punctual and productive amidst the cramped work spaces at home. Subsequently, students have gotten creative in ways to get the most out of their study sessions at home. 


A common method many students have utilized is making their own designated area for schoolwork and isolating it from their lounging areas. This allows the students to organize their work for each class, and it provides them a quiet area to remain focused during the school day.

The current conditions have additionally caused students to feel less connected with each other and more lonely. Quarantine in itself isolates a person from everyone else, and the precautions taken such as social distancing also cause students to not be able to interact with as many people or in the same way they used to.


Avoiding passive or lazy habits is another obstacle that one must tackle while isolated at home. With so much unstructured time, it is difficult to remain motivated to complete all daily tasks. Some ways to avoid procrastinating are working out, starting the beginning of the days working, or having someone for accountability.


Although students have been forced to overcome so much adversity during these times, there is a positive: an appreciation of ordinary life. Whether each student is dreading or enjoying the changes made, everyone is grateful and looking forward to a return to traditional learning and normal everyday life.