A’s Aren’t Everything


Jay Brown, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again. The Holiday spirit is spreading into every home in the country, and excitement is building for family reunions. But for students, one task consumes the happiness created by the holidays: finals.

For many high-achieving students, days and nights become indistinguishable as they strive to remain at the epitome of academics. A season meant to appreciate relationships easily turns into one where all is sacrificed for a GPA that dictates our life. Health, sleep, friends, hobbies, even social media will be forgotten in the minds of obsessed students. But one question remains: does the “A” on a report card outweigh the memories being missed?

While students may believe current memories should be sacrificed for future success, statistics show that this relationship isn’t true. Many studies conclude that academic achievement does not strongly correlate with career success. Additionally, if students spend their time doing activities they enjoy rather than trying to obtain an A, they are more likely to be successful and innovative in their careers. So, always strive for perfection, but if you think your academic career is over due to your first B, there’s still hope.