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School Spirit, Without the Stereotype


Contributors: Kai Woods, Gabe Wolf, Eric Erbe 

When it comes to school spirit at Chanute High School, there is plenty of spirited debate. While Chanute provides numerous opportunities for students to display their school spirit, some students still feel left on the outside.


“I think CHS shows a good amount of school spirit, but there could definitely be more of it,” sophomore Student Government member Ella Guernsey said.


One way CHS displays school spirit are spirit weeks to celebrate and hype up events like homecoming, holidays, and other fun events.


“I think spirit weeks are beneficial because it gets kids involved and excited about school or after school events,” Guernsey said. “My favorite way to show school spirit is to just dress up for spirit weeks and get people riled up.”


In just the second semester, CHS held multiple spirit weeks. These featured Future Farmers of America, Health Occupation Students of America, Winter Homecoming and the Super Bowl.  The job of organizing these spirit events falls primarily on the administrators, Student Government, members of the band, and the cheer team. 


Being involved in school activities and other school events can provide a community that is important to kids,” junior band member Eric Blakesley said.


Another way CHS displays school spirit is through state send-offs for its teams and organizations. Anyone qualifying for state is accompanied by the high school drumline through the halls of the school as students line the hallway to cheer on the state-qualifying members.


“It creates a sense of cohesion between the students,” Andrew Woods, a senior at Chanute High School  said. “I enjoy voraciously celebrating any CHS win.”


Woods believes this mentality, specifically the send-offs, is a great way to show school spirit and something that makes Chanute High School special. 


“We are all Comets and so a win for one is a win for all of us,” Woods said. 




While praising the ways CHS has shown school spirit in the past, Blakesley criticized some of the ways spirit events are organized.


“Spirit weeks should be chosen publicly,” Blakesley said. “The people in charge of spirit weeks rarely [well] represent the majority of what the students would want in a spirit week.” 


Woods also had a few critiques. He believes that some organizations and clubs are often overlooked when it comes to their achievements. 


“We should celebrate every single sport and activity more than we do already,” Woods said. “Give the football players more credit, but let’s also celebrate the chess team or musical crew, for example.”


Guernsey agreed.


¨We could improve by supporting kids in more than just basketball and football,¨ Guernsey said.


Despite the critiques, Woods and students like him are proud to be Blue Comets.


“I have the honor of representing CHS in various competitions,” Wood said.