Shawnee Mission South’s crushing victory against the Soldan Tigers

Shawnee Mission South versus Soldan Tigers

Shawnee Mission Souths crushing victory against the Soldan Tigers

Parker Henson, Reporter

Shawnee Missions South blew the Soldan Tigers out, 61-36. Shawnee had a commanding lead throughout the game; the score was 29-12 at the half. Shawnee’s Blake Potthoff led both teams in scoring with 18.

“We guarded; shoot, we had a great first quarter. We did a great job on the boards; we were really concerned about the boarded and how big and athletic they were. Our game plan was to take number 33 out of the game, and we did a great job of that,” said Shawnee’s coach, Brett McFall.

Despite the loss, Junior, Dylan Martin had a solid third quarter, scoring 7 points. Shawnee’s Erik Smith also had a good game, scoring 13.

Coach McFall was asked what his team can improve on and this is what he had to say, “Just a little more fluidity on offense; every once and a while we get a little stagnant.”