Comet Soccer Sweeps Season Series Against Dragons


Jayden Gensweider

In their second meeting of the season, the Chanute Blue Comets and Pittsburg Purple Dragons battled it out in Pitt. The Comets walked away with the 2-0 win, sweeping the season series. Chanute saw goals from seniors Kaleb Becannon and Stark Wright. 


“We’ve never won at Pitt. Until this season, we’d never beaten Pitt. They’re down a little bit from where they were three to four years ago, but they beat Coffeyville twice. Coffeyville’s the number one team in the league. They aren’t bad. They’re a good team. We kind of match up well against them, which helps,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said, “We also have played our two best games of the year against them. They’ve kind of pushed us around for three years, so we had that extra juice. The other side of the coin is that we don’t have the juice. If we play like this against Fort Scott and Parsons, we’re blowing them out of the water. We just get up for Pittsburg.”


The first half was a tightly contested match between the two teams. Possession swayed back and forth but neither team was able to get on the board. In the 58th minute, Chanute broke through on Becannon’s goal. Then just 5 minutes later, Wright scored on a deep shot, putting the Comets up 2-0.


“From the last five games, basically everything was better…We played in nice space, we played controlled passes to each other. Our midfielders, especially our center mids were involved in all of the plays,” Wilcox said, “Our defense looked organized for the first time in a month. Our center backs kept getting pulled over to the side that was attacking, so we’d have three guys to guard one player and we’d leave two on the backside open. We smoothed that out. We were covering the backside with a center back.”