Shawnee Defeats Wichita in Blowout

Shawnee Missions South versus Wichita Defenders


Parker Henson, Reporter

In the first game of the 2020 Ralph Miller Classic, Shawnee Mission South blew out the Wichita Defenders 62-28. Junior, Blake Potthoff lead both teams with 12 points, and Wichita’s Kojo Colecraft-Anderson had 10.

“I thought we really guarded. I mean we only gave up 28 points so I thought our defense was great. We came out a little bit slow; we didn’t shoot it well, but we guarded and that kept us in the game early” said, Head Coach, Brett McFall.

The Defenders had a one point lead at the end of the first, but Shawnee’s threes started falling and they lead for the rest of the game. Wichita’s leading scorer, Colecraft-Anderson got in a scuffle at the free throw line, and received two technical fouls.