• Why do you play?: Competition, fun top list of reasons athletes participate in sports
  • Beauty gurus: the highlight of YouTube?
  • Everything you need to know for prom
  • Lasting Legacy: basketball senior class creates culture of caring, family
  • Date ideas for your valentine

Golfers getting tricky

What started simply as a way to pass the time has become a means of bonding for the Blue Comet boys golf team. When the weather is inconvenient or when they’ve had a long day of practice, the group, which is expected to contend for a state title, practices trick shots. “It just helps us have a good time after practice and have a little break from being serious and…


Why do you play?: Competition, fun top list of reasons athletes participate in sports

The competitive environment and the taste of success are slivers of experiences athletes pursue. With Chanute High School offering varieties of sports, athletes rise from the weight of academic work and devote additional time and effort towards sports. But being a student athlete can be challenging, as it takes a large commitment of both time and effort. So why do students make these sacrifices to play? Recently, The Comet conducted…


Coop’s Scoop: So you want to be a collegiate athlete?

If you couldn’t tell already, I love sports. Truthfully, if I had to go to a high school that didn’t offer athletics I would more than likely drop out. Being involved in sports has many benefits, but what stands out the most is the chance that it could even one day pay for your college through scholarships. But it isn’t always easy to obtain these athletic scholarships. You have to…


Beauty gurus: the highlight of YouTube?

Beauty gurus: the online trend that is taking over YouTube. In case you’re confused as to what a “beauty guru” is, a beauty guru is generally someone who is trained in the art of makeup, and who records themselves doing makeup for teaching and entertainment purposes. These videos they put on YouTube are known as tutorials, and believe me when I say you can find one on about any type…


Senior checklist

In just 18 school days, the class of 2016 will walk across the stage to collect their hard-earned diplomas, gone from the halls of CHS forever. The following will keep you seniors on track for successful preparation in the weeks leading up to graduation. First, let’s get some dates straight. Graduation day is Sunday, May 8, and the ceremony will take place at 2:00 PM. Senior checkout day is Wednesday,…


Everything you need to know for prom

With prom looming right around the corner, we here at “The Comet” wanted to make sure you were up to date with this year’s hottest trends regarding prom. DRESSES: Instead of opting for low-cut necklines, many are styling high-necked, halter dresses. These necklines are not only modest, but also give any girl, regardless of height, a long and lean look. For those lacking in the height-department (like me) this is…


Lasting Legacy: basketball senior class creates culture of caring, family

Four years, 177 combined games, thousands of points, the first league title in 20 years for the girls, the first state appearance in 12 years for the boys — and these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the contributions by the Blue Comet class of 2016’s 14 senior basketball players. As the high school basketball careers of Kenton Allen, Griffin Cooper, Aaron Haviland, Trey Lind,…


Acceptance of diversity essential for our schools

Recently there was a bit of controversy about whether or not two females could walk through Grand March together at Chanute High School. The issue was resolved when they defined prom as a “plus one” situation instead of as a date, allowing females to walk with females, males to walk with males, so on and so forth. This also relieves the stress of having a “date” instead of simply just…


Golden moment: Vogel caps career with state title

Ranked No. 1 in the state throughout the season, big success proved inevitable for Brady Vogel as he brought home the state wrestling title in the 160-pound weight class. Vogel went 4-0 at the state tournamnet in Salina, fulfilling a life-long goal. “It felt incredible. I mean it’s every wrestlers dream growing up to win a state title and doing that my senior year makes it that much better,” Vogel…


Date ideas for your valentine

When thinking about how to treat your significant other for this Valentine’s Day, you might need some help. I have had my fair share of confusion when deciding what to do for that special person. These past few years I have come up with some pretty fantastic ideas and I would like to share them here. I hope you use them too! Taking your person on a scavenger hunt through…