The art of teaching

Marissa Burciaga, Reporter
October 6, 2017

With five new additions to the teaching staff at CHS, there’s some ‘Getting to Know You’ questions we asked the newbie teachers. First victim: Charles Bishop. Taking over the Art department from previous teacher of at least 40 years, Rick Bushnell, CHS is happy to introduce Mr. Bishop. Here’s... Read more »

Haunting hobby

Rosebelle Toledo, Reporter
October 5, 2017

“Who’s there?” It’s a thought senior Kacie McMillen often finds herself wondering as she hears a rattling from her bedroom doorknob. Two of her friends follow closely behind as she investigates the noise, flashlights in hand and feelings of exhilaration coursing through their veins. For many... Read more »

Memory lane

Amanda Stalder, Reporter
October 5, 2017

Senior Lane is a tradition among Chanute High School seniors. The afternoon of the painting of the lane in front of the school typically resonates with a cheerful, excited aura. This year, however, a deeper feeling filled the hearts of many while painting their sections of the road. On December 31, 2015... Read more »

Technology issues persist

Cali Hudson, Reporter
October 5, 2017

When USD 413 chose to outsource its technology needs to Kansas City-based company k12itc, the company claimed, “Your district has taken a big leap forward in technology service.” Students, staff, and administrators are still awaiting that leap as a plethora of technology issues have plagued the district... Read more »

Sticking with tradition

Rachel Jackett, Reporter
October 4, 2017

Despite several conversations regarding the possibility of making changes to homecoming this year, the homecoming committee decided to stick to tradition. “No changes will be made this year so we can have more time to plan if we want to change in the future,” Stugo sponsor Karen Graham said. The... Read more »