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Spend a Penny for Pennywise?

    Is “It” worth it? Pennywise the Clown is coming to a sewer near you.


    “It” is the story of a group of friends just trying to enjoy their summer: riding around town on their bikes, swimming at the quarry, and battling a century old, fear-feasting, demon clown. And they do it in the best possible way.


    Scary isn’t the right word to describe their adventure. Yeah, a creepy clown pops out at times, but the thing that makes the movie so great is the way it creeps you out.


    Unlike a lot of scary movies these days, “It” doesn’t try too hard at being scary because that’s not what they were going for. It uses universally-shared childhood fears throughout the whole movie to give you heebie-jeebies for 2 hours and 15 minutes, but in a fun… almost nostalgic kind of way?


    I’ll admit there were a couple of cringey parts in the movie but overall the movie was a h-IT.

    –Angelo Andoyo, Scary Movie Connoisseur



    The remake of the classic movie “It” is a good flick but changes the story in many ways from the original and the book.


    The 2017 version pulls the story further towards the future and this modernization causes a big shift in the story itself, the characters and their personalities are made to fit the modern setting.


    Another big change from the older versions is the characters themselves. Bev is portrayed as older looking and very attractive instead of a tomboyish young girl. Richie is a more of a jerk than a comedian, none of his original smarts show. The story loses some of its original charm and horror when the group dynamic is changed.


    While I would have preferred to see the dynamic I expected, the movie itself was entertaining to say the least and could very well cause a few nightmares.

    –Kristin Umbarger, “It” Consultant 



    As kids from the town disappear one by one, the audience is given an unsettling vibe. And a huge creepy clown being thrown into the mix doesn’t help… at all.


    Although the horror is mostly based off of fears of clowns and monsters, what makes the movie frightening is the fact that they show worldly horrors as well. From abusive relationships to violent bullies, the movie shines light on many real and very scary issues in today’s world.


    While “It” is a gruesome horror, the film also has comedic aspects as well. With handfuls of comical teens, I strongly feel that witty characters are a great contrast from the usual “stupid adults” in chillers. In all, “It” is a film that combines the genius use of rambunctious teens, gore, and true horror to form a film definitely worth your time.

    –Alyssa Andoyo, Scaredy Cat