Getting into the Comet spirit


Darbee Chard, Reporter

By this time, most of the students and staff have heard that Chanute High School has recently installed a new vending machine. This machine is unlike any of the others found around the school campus. It is called the Spirit Box.

The new vending machine is different from the others, because it does not hold food or beverages. It actually is the equivalent to having a mini merchandise store in our school building.

This vending machine can be a life saver, because now you don’t have to panic about forgetting essentials at home. The machine holds many objects from pencils and pens, to clothing, to electronic accessories.

There is also no need to worry about having cash on you. The new machine accepts cash, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Forgetful students, supportive fans, and anyone who wants to purchase items from the machine are not the only ones benefiting from this addition. The accounting students, including sophomore Nolan Werner, took this project in as one of their own.

“Ever since Mrs. Bagshaw got into the new building, she has wanted a campus store,” Werner said. This was the main idea that brought about the idea of the Spirit Box. Bagshaw decided to take action this year, and bring her idea to reality.

For the most part, the Spirit Box is run mainly by the accounting students themselves, according to Werner. He mentioned that the couple of students involved in the running of the box do tasks such as stock the machine and check inventory.

Senior Austin Liudahl takes a major part in the running of the Spirit Box. Some could consider him the treasurer of the new vending machine.
“I record down what’s been sold, and what we have left to sell,” Liudahl said.

The accounting students are working to keep the Spirit Box a part of Chanute High School’s daily life.