Tribute to a team that revitalized KC baseball

Nathan Farris, Reporter

For nearly 30 years, the Kansas City Royals were a laughing stock inside of Major League Baseball.

The days filled with George, Brett, and Frank White were long gone. The only way this bottomfeeder would make ESPN would be through the Not Top 10 Plays of the Week.

This all changed in 2014. After a winning season the year before (the first in 10 years), the Royals scuffled a bit through the year. After a team meeting, the Royals rode a record of 25-9 through late July and August to finish the year 89-73 and make the AL Wild Card game against Oakland.

After finding themselves down 7-3 going into the bottom of the 8th, Kansas City showed their heart by rallying over the next 2 innings to send the game into extras, eventually ending with Salvador Pérez hitting a walkoff in the 12th inning. I still remember staying up quite late and being unable to sleep after it ended.

The Royals rode this surge of momentum to sweep over the Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles, cementing their first trip to the World Series since 1985.

Although the Royals may have lost a truly heartbreaking Game 7 to the San Francisco Giants (in Kauffman Stadium to deepen the pain), the fans came alive throughout this run. Even the whole nation got behind the loveable underdog. Kansas City baseball was back on the map.

The team found their way back in the World Series the next year, with almost everyone back from the previous season. This time, they finished the job. The Royals defeated the New York Mets in five games.

Nearly 800,000 people attended the championship parade, as people from all around the Midwest, and even further, came to show their love for this team. That is among the most people who have ever shown their support.

After the 2016 and 2017 seasons, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar all hit the free agent market, with a chance that none of them return. I was there for their ¨curtain call¨ in KC, a moment I will never forget.

These men are among those who helped make baseball fun for Royals fans. This team fought their way to consecutive World Series appearances, when the team only had 2 in 40 previous years. I wish they may all join the best teams, because the banners will fly forever.