Top Five MVP Picks

The NFL season is coming to a close and with only three regular-season games left, I am making my top five picks to win MVP honors this season. 

December 12, 2019


Patrick Mahomes 

There are quarterbacks that have had better stats this season and Mahomes missed two games. Besides that, he is still having a good season. I think he comes in at fifth partially due to him having missed those two games, and also the Kansas City Chiefs’ record comes in as a factor, but he is still putting up good numbers. He has 3,266 passing yards and 21 passing touchdowns to three picks completing 64.5 percent of his passes with a 21 TD/3 INT ratio of 7.0.                          


Michael Thomas 

He is proving why he got a big contract extension to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. He is tearing it up on the field this season with 1,424 receiving yards on 121 receptions. That is an average of 11.8 yards a reception. He also has seven receiving touchdowns and has caught 82.3 percent of his targets, and that’s insane. It was close between him and Patrick Mahomes, but that’s mostly because of the bias that comes with a quarterback winning MVP most of the time.


Russell Wilson 

Wilson is having a very good season, but by the standards that some players are playing to, he is not doing as well as expected when it comes to the MVP race. He has 3,422 passing yards and has 8.2 yards an attempt completing 66.8 percent of his passes. He has 26TD/5 picks, a 5.2 TD/int ratio, he also has 312 yards on the ground as well as three rushing touchdowns and he is averaging 5.0 yards a carry.


Christian McCaffery 

He is killing it as a running back with five yards a carry, 1,220 yards, and 12 touchdowns but he is also a major force in the receiving game. He is the dual back threat that GMs and coaches dream of. He has 726 receiving yards and is averaging 8.4 yards a reception adding four receiving touchdowns, all in all, he has 1,946 yards from scrimmage.


Lamar Jackson 

He is crushing it on the field as a quarterback. He is averaging 6.7 yards a carry with 1,017 rushing yards adding seven touchdowns on the ground and he is a quarterback. He has 2,677 passing yards, 28 passing touchdowns to six picks, that’s a 4.6 TD/int ratio, and has 7.7 yards an attempt with a 66.3 completion percentage.

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