Therapy dog, Aldrin, dies after health complications

Rachel Shapel, Reporter

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and the loss of a friend can be devastating.

The beloved therapy dog, Aldrin, passed away Jan. 20 after several health complications which had been occurring in his old age. He had heart problems, bad hips and had contracted diabetes within this past year.

“Aldrin would have been 13 years [old] come July,” Johnny Lawrence, owner, said. “In people years he would have been like 84.”

The school district had employed Aldrin for the last 10 years. Aldrin was the only therapy dog in service at Chanute High School.

Aldrin had remained with the Lawrence family for nearly the entirety of his life.

“We have had him just about all of his life,” Lawrence said. “Out of those 12 years, we probably had him 10.”

Aldrin served many students in many ways. He provided a supportive appearance but was also a very protective presence. Aldrin worked with all kinds of students, Lawrence reminisced on two stories during his interview.

The first being about two boys who were on the brink of a fight when Aldrin got in between them and helped to diffuse the tension.

The last story involves a special needs boy who would play basketball in the old gym after coursework and after shooting the ball, Aldrin would bring it back to him.

CHS may have lost a beloved member of the community but his memory, however, will remain.