The Social Glitch in our Generation

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter

Walking through the hallways of the school, it is clear to see that the cell phone hypnosis is growing year to year. Private lives are made public as they are snapped, insta’d, tweeted, and complained about on Facebook. While this happens, people are glued to the same screens that help spread negative images and gossip.

Social media has changed from a minor addiction to a life consuming and relationship ruining monster. How many people can be found on a date or with a friend on their phone scrolling through social media instead of talking to each other. How many people share every aspect of their life but are bad at communication in public? And how often do people ruin the relationships publically by taking their fights online?

Many anonymous commenting functions have been created on different social media platforms, and many of them end up negative. Programs that allow anonymous comments such as Sarahah or the old After School app just open the door for bullying and rude comments, causing self esteem issues.

Social media users of today need to take a step back and separate their lives from their accounts. Making deeper personal relationships is important to do, and to do offline. Instead of subtweeting, people should deal with their problems face to face. Instead of stalking crushes on Instagram and Snap Map, try to actually get to know them. Like, you know, as an actual person.

If our generation changes the way we interact with others, by spending more time away from screens and using social media for good, we will create stronger personal relationships.

Try spending time with friends and making a rule that nobody can touch their phones. Some people will be stressed by the separation, but overall it can lead to better times with friends. By experiencing social lives outside of social media, this generation can prevent turning into drones controlled by their phones.