The art of teaching

Marissa Burciaga, Reporter

With five new additions to the teaching staff at CHS, there’s some ‘Getting to Know You’ questions we asked the newbie teachers. First victim: Charles Bishop.

Taking over the Art department from previous teacher of at least 40 years, Rick Bushnell, CHS is happy to introduce Mr. Bishop.

Here’s some things you may need to know about him.

He originates from Yates Center, but got his teaching start by teaching Art in Augusta, Kansas, roughly 90 miles west of Chanute.

What was the first brush stroke that made him interested in Art?

It was a chance thing. One day he just discovered that he could draw and it went from there. Before that, he didn’t even show an interest in art.

His favorite art media is ceramics.

Bishop enjoys many things during his free time

“I enjoy hunting, fishing, family time.” Bishop said. “and you can probably add art in there.”

Bishop was also a student teacher for Bushnell in the spring 2007.

“He’s enjoying how familiar this school feels to him he seems to have found his niche in this school quickly,” sophomore Aimee Riggs says. “He’s great… He’s very helpful and picks good challenges for his students.”