Sticking with tradition


Rachel Jackett, Reporter

Despite several conversations regarding the possibility of making changes to homecoming this year, the homecoming committee decided to stick to tradition.

“No changes will be made this year so we can have more time to plan if we want to change in the future,” Stugo sponsor Karen Graham said.

The most common debate about homecoming so far has been why do we not involve the clubs in the nominating process?

“Some people don’t feel like it’s fair to only have people in sports, so how we would do it is: All seniors who are in a fall activity, their names would go in and the seniors would vote for the top five,” Graham said. “Then the whole school will vote on those. Changing homecoming this way will benefit it to have more people to have a chance to be nominated.”

Since it’s too late this year, before next year the homecoming committee will be meeting to do all of the planning to make the changes possible.

“The changes we would like to make is to have a homecoming parade and then have the pep rally after the parade is over. This in fact will take a lot of planning before next year,” Graham said.

The committee understands how others feel that are not in a sport, therefore changes will tried to be made in the future.

“We talked mainly about how it was a tradition and that we felt it is not a bad idea, but that we didn’t have enough time to change it,” Senior Ashlynn Smoot said.