Social media: pro

Rachel Jacket, Reporter

With all the negatives in the world, it is important to focus on the many positives. Social media can be used in lots of different ways. Our society has many privileges, and these can be used to support peers and build others up.

People around the whole nation, not just in Chanute, connected on social media in the month of November. Many of them used it to tell others how thankful they were for them, one example of which was the Carlie Challenge.

The Carlie Challenge gives people the opportunity to share their thankfulness and to tell their loved ones that they are appreciated and meaningful in their lives. If used correctly, social media can also give others a way to express positive ideas.

It can be used to post positive quotes and advice that could change lives. It can encourage people to keep moving in their life and to strive to become their best selves. It is another way for those to get recognized for all the good they do in their lives.

Social media could give everyone a way to seek greater things and find out more about what they are seeking. If one follows the right people, there is a plethora of good advice and quotes. A person can get inspiration to workout, eat well, pray, improve your makeup skills, play a sport or play an instrument.

If someone follows more positive pages and gets rid of all the pages full of drama, social media is positive. If you are able to see it, you are able to delete it. Do what is best and follow all positive accounts and encourage others to do the same.