Restoring class to Chanute’s future


Kristen Umbarger, Reporter

The class matrix often has changes from year to year, and is ready to move into a different direction. While this will not require all students to purchase eye-concealing sunglasses or all black outfits, it is time to question the matrix.

The school is adding new programs like agriculture, culinary arts and teacher training to the school. While these Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs give students more exposure to technical skills, and in doing so has left some other areas behind.

The one area that may harm the culture of the school the most is the loss of the French and German programs. The loss of diversity in languages offered not only put an abrupt end to many students studies of foreign language, but it also greatly limited the choices of electives.

In middle school when many students were excited to choose their classes, the choices seemed endless.

Yet with the path that the school is going down it is now much harder to fill a schedule with interesting electives if you are not interested in techy classes. The options for electives within the core areas are also lacking. Gone is science’s taxidermy classes. No where to be found is a creative writing class. Classes such as these would be fun and interesting ways to learn diverse skills.

While we understand Chanute High School cannot add all of these classes and that the programs and classes added are a step in the right direction, we encourage the administration, teachers and counsellors to continue to look for ways to add diverse electives that cover more than just career and technical education.