Preparing for College


Eric Erbe, Writer

Many high school students are worried about the financial state of America and have worries about college. Eric Blakesly is a student who has strong beliefs on the topic and wanted to share his ideas and opinions. 

When asked about price caps for universities, he states that price caps are a very easy way to prevent artificial raises in prices. He also goes on to state that college has put numerous people in debt, but the implementation of price caps can help prevent debt.

Blakesly believes that high school pushes people through the system without a second thought, preventing people from receiving their full educational potential. Blakesly believes that if these people were given the proper time, students would be geniuses.

Blakesly also believes that job opportunities are the primary reason for going to college, but does believe that education is a very big plus.

Overall, Blakesly does not believe that he could financially afford to go to college. He believes the tuition cost of college is just too much but recommends community college to students that are able to afford it.