Pint-sized politics


Darbee Chard, Reporter

The time has finally come for the 2018 Kansas state elections and the end of Sam Brownback’s reign as governor.

The governor is the administrator, legislature negotiator, political party leader and state spokesperson.

And this year, it just might be a high school student.

A team of four high school students from Wichita, are running for governor this election year. Ethan Randleas (R), Jack Bergeson (D), Tyler Ruzich (R), and Dominic Scavuzzo (R) are all between the ages of 16 and 17.

The young candidates feel that they have an equal chance in the elections this year.

“Of course there’s a chance we can win,” Ruzich told CBS News. “No matter how big that chance is, what matters is that the four of us have a chance of winning this election.”

Each person aims to fix a different political issue. Their goals range from setting a new minimum wage to a new tax plan that will give a better flow of the tax usage. Ruzich and Randleas also hope to strengthen the Medicaid program.

While these four students think that they do have a chance in the elections, most say otherwise.

Neal Allen, a political scientist at Wichita State University, is one of these many.

“None of these teenagers has any experience in elected office, but our president didn’t have any experience in elected office until he was elected, so maybe we’re seeing a trend,” Allen said in an interview with CBS News.