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NHS Guidelines


Students with a cumulative 3.6 GPA and above qualify to be a candidate for membership in to NHS. All candidates will be notified by the CHS counselor’s office. To be considered for membership, all candidates must complete the NHS process by completeing the required documents by the advertised deadline.


National Honor Society Junior and Senior candidates to the National Honor Society have already demonstrated Scholarship by achieving the minimum of a 3.6 GPA throughout their high school career. All NHS candidates are required to submit a cover letter and resume highlighting their accomplishments in the areas of Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership.

To receive nomination in to this nationally recognized society, candidates must score very well in ALL four areas and will be expected to continue to exemplify these qualities throughout the period of their membership.

Members will be required to read and agree to the CHS National Honor Society Bylaws [PDF].

Membership requires a one-time $10 membership fee, attendance at monthly meetings, completion of at least 3 hours of service outside of the regular school day for each year they are a member as well as participation in school-related service projects.


Each candidate will be rated on the following:

1.Candidate Ratings

Candidates will be required to turn in a cover letter explaining why they are a good candidtate for NHS and a one-page resume highlighting their accomplishments in the areas of Scholarship, Character, Service and Leadership. Submitted cover letters and resumes will be rated by each of the five members of the Faculty Council. A sample cover letter and resume may viewed here.

2.Teacher Ratings

All CHS faculty members will be given the opportunity to rate candidates on:


Displayed by promoting school activities, contributing ideas in class, inspiring positive attitudes and behavior in others, being dependable and reliable both in and out of the school setting.


Displayed by following school rules, demonstrating reliability and honesty, showing courtesy, concern and respect for others, never plagiarizing, and accepting constructive criticism graciously.


Students will be rated separately according to their attendance from the previous two semesters..


Tardies from the previous two semesters will be listed for each candidate and may be considered by the faculty committee.


Any school suspensions during the student’s high school career will be noted next to the student’s number and may be considered by the faculty committee.

Following completion and collation of the above assessments, the five Faculty Council members nominated by the principal will meet and determine the final membership of National Honor Society.

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NHS Guidelines