New iPhone: X/10?


Huntyr Schwegman, Reporter

Another year. Another iPhone. Apple continues its tradition of releasing a new and improved iPhone every year. The 10-year anniversary brings about the iconic iPhone X.

With a 5.8 inch screen and brand new face recognition, it is definitely an upgrade for Apple. The new OLED screen brings intense colors, impressive images, and higher frame counts.

The new portrait modes on the front camera and the AR support on the back is stunning. It also opened the door for the brand new Face ID. Enabled by the True Depth technology, the new Face ID unlock feature is much faster and more secure than Touch ID. While it still is a little glitchy, Apple has said that all the kinks should be worked out by release.

So the question we’ve all been waiting for: Should you buy the new iPhone X? Although it has a lot of great features, it costs $999. Maybe the X is too “X”pensive. Maybe next year?