Making a difference one word at a time


Michael Aylward, Reporter

With the new year upon us, many people make resolutions in an attempt to improve their everyday life. These resolutions are a result of self reflection at the end of the previous year and an attempt at striving for improvement.

At the beginning of this new year, the girls basketball team has self reflected and each player and coach has chosen a word that means a lot to them to start off the new year. Not only in terms of basketball, but also in life.

It is a word they can look back on in times of struggle to remind them who they strive to be.
Senior Ashlynn Smoot chose the word “confidence.”

“I picked this word because confidence is something I often lack,” Smoot said. “I know it’s something I need to improve not only for basketball, but in life in general.”

Freshman Kori Babcock picked “positivity” to be her word.

“This is a word that means a lot to me and to our team. I chose it because I need to have a positive attitude in all aspects of life. In basketball, it is important to have a positive attitude so you don’t bring each other down.”

Junior Taylor Thompson chose the word “consistent.”

“This word is meaningful to me because this year I am striving to be more consistent in school and sports,” Thompson said. Coach Dustin Fox came up with the word “invest.”

“From the basketball perspective, I want to make sure I’m being invested in the lives of my basketball players,” Fox said.