Irked and overworked

Mikayla Kwek, Reporter

You’ve seen the chart. The one where you have to pick two out of three: good grades, a social life, or sleep?

With school until 3 p.m, homework in almost every class, and often work until 10 p.m, I don’t have free time. After work I spend my nights drowning in homework or collapsing right when I get home. Every morning I get up, still exhausted.

It’s an endless cycle.

There are easy weeks, but then there are the weeks with six different tests in one day. We’ve all been there. We are miserable and drained, with no motivation. We’ve all wanted to give up at some point.

It’s not just our physical health anymore. It’s mental too. We lose sleep, we are stressed, we are anxious, we are depressed. We are stuck in this never ending cycle and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Go to school, go home, do homework, sleep. Go to school. Go home. Do homework. Sleep.

There has to be a change. What is the point of doing anything if it doesn’t make you happy? What’s the point of learning if you don’t like what it is you’re learning?

We’re all in the same boat—- struggling to get through the day, barely staying awake in class, and trying to get eight hours of sleep in four. Something needs to change.