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“What is your purpose in life?”

A question not many people think about or can even fathom. However, for sophomores Caysia Crellin and Amee Fritch, they ceaselessly ask themselves what they can do to positively impact the world. It wasn’t until their freshman year that they figured out how — visiting nursing homes and spending time with the elderly in hopes to change their lives.

The idea stemmed from 21st Century Skills, a life skills/future building class taught by Sherri Bagshaw that all freshmen are required to take.

“Mrs. Bagshaw inspired us in 21st Century Skills,” Fritch said.

Crellin also mentioned that Mrs. Bagshaw “believed it would be a cool experience.”

As inspiration, Bagshaw “told them that some of the residents [in nursing homes] never have visitors and that if they just take the time to spend 10 minutes with them, it would make their day and they would understand that there are some good kids out in the world.”

Together the two girls began their journey to become something bigger than themselves, to interact with the elderlies in Diversicare and spend an approximate hour every Thursday night doing various activities with them.

Fritch and Crellin’s activities with the patients of Diversicare vary. In some instances, games are simply played with the visitors. In other scenarios, some elders wish for help tidying up their rooms, or basic assistance around their homes.

For example, Fritch said, “A lot of them like to play dominoes and also like their nails painted.”

Crellin and Fritch are continuously making an effort to socialize with every single resident, but lack of time and abundance of activities to do with current regular occupants limits them from doing so.

“We help a resident clean out her closet, [and also] we bring her things to paint,” Crellin said. “We see Patty and Wyvonna at least but we are trying to branch out and see more.”

In agreement, Fritch also adds, “We try and visit everyone but we just don’t have that much time. However, we make sure to visit Patty before we leave.”

Fritch and Crellin may not have discovered their direct purpose in life, but by brightening the days of many elders in our community, it brings them joy and feelings of self-accomplishment that they will forever carry with them.

“What has made me continue is the smiling faces that I get to see and how happy they are,” Fritch explained.

“It makes me feel like I’m doing good and really makes me feel good inside,” Crellin included.

“These are just great kids, they were before, and they will continue to be. I guarantee that the residents think that they are great kids, as well as the staff,” Bagshaw said. “They will all do great things in life, because you will never go wrong if you think of other people’s feelings and the impact you can make on them before you think of your own feelings.”