Here to stay or here for today?

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter

What is love? No matter your personal opinion, don’t ask a high school student for a definition. Why? Because none of them know, or at least they don’t show that they do in their relationships. High school relationships are a huge part of what is wrong with this generation.

In high school, relationships are famous for their overall inability to last. It used to make sense; it was a time to experiment in tastes and decide what is important in a relationship. However, the tradition of somewhat meaningful high school relationships has been replaced with a new system of dating and breaking up on a whim, often within the space of weeks.

Instead of learning how to be in a committed relationship and what you need from a partner, today’s dating habits are more about having a companion for a minute, or someone to show off. Instead of building real relationships, oftentimes people will have the label of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” when in reality, there is no real bond between them.

Today’s relationships are like the weather in Kansas- don’t worry if you don’t like them, you can wait five minutes and they will change. Lasting commitment, while not eradicated, is becoming more and more rare.

It is time for high school students everywhere to rethink their love lives. If you haven’t talked to your significant other in days, if you were in love with them on the third day, if you plan on getting married after a month, if you don’t trust them outside your line of sight, maybe it is time to change.

If you’ve had too many relationships to count on one hand, you have a case of bad high school relationships. Instead of striking out with love, when you step up to base with your new love interest, try to make it to the base of actual commitment. And maybe you will even hit a home run and find your future spouse instead of your next subtweet.