Hats off to the administration

Blake Ayers, Reporter

Hats are a recurring topic of controversy at Chanute High School. While hats are banned in the CHS handbook, there is no real reason given to students.

The taboo of wearing a hat inside a building has faded a long time ago, and at this point it is unnecessary to continue enforcing this rule.

Hats have not always been banned at CHS. Prior to 1999 hats were allowed without any problem. By 2001 hats were banned during a change in administration. Administration has changed, giving a chance to look at the issue again.

The staff and administration are constantly pushing individuality and creativity through assemblies and events designed to highlight and celebrate the differences in students. However, they contradict themselves by enforcing dress code rules that deny students the freedom to express their style. Many other schools have dropped this outdated way of thinking and have began allowing headwear in the classroom.

Whether covering male pattern baldness, a bad hair day, or if it just completes the outfit of the day there is always a good reason to wear a hat. The administration should not be able to control what we wear if it does not harm or distract other students. Other dress code rules are understandable. Hats are possibly the least distracting part of an outfit and they should not be outlawed at CHS.