HallowThanksMas: Con

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter

This time of year, when holiday music is inescapable and people are busy slapping each other in the face with supposed holiday cheer, I realize just how much I hate the holidays.

It wasn’t always like this. I too used to enjoy the holiday season. Yet as I grew older it became more and more apparent that capitalism had taken over. The joys and morals of Christmas have died and been replaced by a race to see who can spend and receive the most.

Instead of focusing on spending time with loved ones, society looks to who has the best decorations, spent the most on presents, had the best gatherings.

Once the magic had started to drain from the holidays, it was quickly replaced by a sense of being forced to participate in celebrations. Instead of wanting to be a part of the parties, it now seems like an obligation I am fulfilling for society.

Any family gathering can be stressful, and somehow the holidays amplify that stress. Instead of valuing the quality time that is provided it often becomes a chance to worry about literally everything.

Massive holiday mania has overshadowed the true meaning of the special time. When the music has already been played enough to drive you crazy in October, it is time to reassess.

Call me a Scrooge, but it seems to me that America needs to calm down a little. Do not play Christmas music before December, stop telling me about your presents, stop bragging about vacations, don’t spend your entire paycheck on gifts, just stop. Please.