Falling for autumn

Darbee Chard, Reporter

Fall is approaching and I am quite excited. So many good things come with the season.

With the new season coming, there are many new horror films. Stephen King’s “It” is a fan favorite, but also out now are the movies “Annabelle: Creation”, “Rings”, and other thriller movies like “Alien: Covenant”.

There are many old movies to rewatch; “Halloween”, and “Friday the 13th” are always good no matter the amount of times previously watched.

Fall also lets us start dressing in a cuter fall fashion with the cold weather. People start wearing oranges, browns, yellows, and dark greens. Overall, between the colors and the more concealing clothes, it brings a feeling of comfort.

This time gives the best weather that earth can offer. No stifling heat from summer, no freezing winds of winter yet.

At the beginning of fall you can wear a jacket or just a t-shirt and still be comfortable.

Now the most important part, Halloween. What would autumn be without the traditions? If you’re like me you get excited anytime you see something relating to Halloween. It is the best holiday because you can dress up, and enjoy scaring people.