Community service requirement: Con

Blake Ayers, Reporter

Community service is a passion to some, and to others it’s a court-mandated punishment. Either way, it should not be a requirement for high school graduation. As a junior who has more than enough school-work to do as it is, I know from experience there is no time for any community service.

Many high school students also have jobs that take up most of their time, leaving them unable to participate in community service. Many students have to keep these jobs in order to support their families and help pay bills.

Government required high school is about finishing your mandated education, not serving the community. High school laws were established for students to get an education. Community service is not essential to a student’s education and should not be required to graduate.

Attending four years of high school and keeping passing grades is difficult enough for most students, adding required community service would add stress to traditional education.

For students who transfer from a school without a community service requirement face a very large challenge trying to cram hours of service time that most students had all year to do.

Many students would also have difficulty getting to their community service programs due to lack of transportation which would make it extremely difficult for them to complete their service hours.

These are just a few of the many reasons that community service should not be required to graduate. Community service should only be forced upon convicted felons any other acts of service should be out of the kindness of your heart.