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Chipping in


In years past, the girls’ golf team has not had enough interest to fill a whole team. Things have changed this season.

The girls’ golf team has doubled in size since last year, with 10 girls out for the team. Part of the reason there is such a large team is because there are five freshmen out for the sport.
The team sees a lot of positives in being so young.

“We are a young team, and it just means we have room to improve,” junior Molly Rollins.

However, a bigger team can have its downfalls.

For one, it causes practices to be set up a little differently. The girls have to hit at different places to keep the practice moving.

It also means less one-on-one coaching for the team’s lone coach, Bill Woodard. Woodard does the best he can despite his players being spread out all over the golf course.

“Coach Woodard does a good job of making sure to help whenever someone asks,” junior McKenna Tait said.

Being a part of a bigger team also has its upside. Being on a big team motivates some of the girls to work harder because of the increase in competition. Freshman Jerlyn Kustenborter has made a big impact on the team this season. Kustenborter has been constantly getting the lowest score on the team. She also placed third at SEK.

Additionally, the girls get to know each other better and build relationships.

“Having a big team is better because we get to bond and have fun together,” Kustanborter said.

Looking into the future, Tait hopes for the continuous enjoyment and interest for the next players to come up in the sport.

“I hope that in the coming years girls continue to join the golf team to keep it going strong,” Tait says.