A legacy of failure


Jillian Wilson, Reporter

The time frame is Spring 2017. To your left, the sound of desperation.

The sound of muffled roars resonate throughout the gym. In front of you, another resonating boom of spirit erupts from the crowd. However, all around you in your general vicinity, bumping into your shoulders and deflecting straight off of your face, a choir of eager juniors chant and scream the name of the school that never calls their name. In the end, it always ends the same way: the class of 2018 in complete and total failure.

Accepting defeat is never easy. This newfound problem is a common occurrence, as in the eyes of this year’s seniors, they have been cheated out of not one, not two, but three spirit sticks. In years past, seniors have been known to win at least the first and last spirit stick of the school year. This streak has already been broken this year since the juniors won the spirit stick over the seniors this past fall.

Another unappealing quality of the senior class is the fact that there has been a new principal/administrator every year that the class has been present. After their freshman year, Dr. Wire left. After their sophomore year, Mr. Methvin left. After their junior year, Mr. Luke left. And finally, upon recent developments, Mr. Lawrence will be leaving this year. Coincidence? I think not.

Were these occurrences at fault of this years graduating class or the administration in general? Were the results by chance rigged or was the spirit of the other classes glowing too bright for the seniors to shine through? The world may never know.