Mass shooter media attention: pro

Darbee Chard, Reporter

Right now, this country is facing a major issue- an issue that is not being dealt with. This is the increasing number of mass shootings that have quickly risen recently. The fact that people not being truly informed is one of the main causes for this. We need to see this issue spread all throughout the media; it needs to be talked about.

The country deserves to be educated about the true consequences of mass shootings. The country deserves to know what is happening with and about these shooters. The country deserves to be informed.

If the people of this country are sheltered from the facts of shootings, they will start to lose knowledge of how to watch for these types of things. By showing these incidents across media, whether it be Facebook or CNN, the country will be able to see the traits of these people, even if they seem like average, normal Americans.

This being said, the goal is neither to lessen the crimes of the people responsible nor bring them fame. It is simply to show the population that anyone can be charged of this doing; anyone can possess this trait. It is to show that you can never be careful enough.

If we take away the media outlets that can inform the people, the whole country is going to be left with false hope of a brighter future; a better future with less, possibly completely without any, gun violence at all.

They will start to feel safe, because they will feel the issue has died down. They will feel that something more has been done to slow the ever increasing mass shootings. In the meantime, the issue has not slowed, it has just been shielded from the eyes of the people.

This country belongs to the people that live in it, not just the big men on top that run it. They deserve to know what is happening. They deserve to have a real sense of hope. They deserve to be able to do something to stop this, not watch from the sidelines and hope for the best. Take this coverage away, and all that is left is a failing country and a very scared population to go with it.