Homecoming makeover needed

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter

Year after year homecoming has become less and less special. Many students feel disenfranchised from the event, many students just do not care. The event has become tired and routine; instead of being excited to choose candidates many students are indifferent.

This year a new idea was introduced. The idea presented was to create a pool of eligible seniors from all of the competitive teams and clubs. The next step is to nominate five each of girls and boys by having the senior class as a whole choose their top five of each. Once the ten candidates have been nominated the entire class would vote to elect the winners.

We at the Comet believe that this new idea should be adopted. Including other teams and clubs such as Scholars Bowl, TSA, Debate, and Chess in homecoming would expand the pool of candidates to affect and interest more students. Reaching more students, not just varsity athletes, would create a more representative experience and bring interest back.

Not only would this new method include a more diverse collection of students to choose from, we believe it would also give the entire senior class a say in who the candidates are instead of just the sports teams. This means even the kids who do not participate in any competitive events can still weigh in on the decision.

We believe that by including more students in the nomination and election process we could bring the life back to homecoming.