‘Grimm’ Situation


Alyssa Andoyo, Reporter

As the month of March will soon come to a start, days will end faster, nights will (hopefully) get warmer, and Chanute High School students will practice for the spring play: “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.”

The production is based off of many Brothers Grimm stories that are mingled into one huge hilarious farce—an extravagant and over-the-top comedy—and will star numerous storybook characters that are well-known and loved.

Some of the roles include classics such as Snow White, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel. Characters are played by Aimee Riggs, Alayna Inbody, Marc-Anthony Smith, Kaitlyn Baum, Makayla Pearson and Shelby Boeken, respectively.

According to freshmen Jacob Guernsey and Maria Guerrero, one thing the play will promise to the audience is a ton of laughter. Freshman Sabrina Britain admires how well the pacing of the play brings out its humor.

Also, Britain applauds Chase Reed’s abilities in directing the play. Additionally, freshman Susie Cunningham, an experienced actress who has played in “Shrek the Musical”, adds that while Reed’s teaching techniques are different than what she is used to, she is glad to experience a fresh and new approach to acting.

Although the whole production is on a roll, difficulties have found their way to the upcoming show. With a limited production time of six weeks, an unusually large cast of 35 people, even more costumes to be made and makeup to be done, it will not be an easy task for the production team and cast.

Blocking, which is determining the actors’ flow and movements about the stage, and memorizing lines adds even more to the list of complications.

The next few weeks will go by fast, and if the cast members are not able to memorize their lines and blocking, they will not have the chance to be a part of the show.

Despite the many hardships making their way towards the play, hopes are high and the cast will be working very hard these upcoming weeks to ensure The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon will be curtain-ready for the audience coming to watch on March 9 and 10.