Formal homecoming: pro

Vonna O'Brian, Reporter

It would be good for Chanute High school to have a formal homecoming because it would give our students a chance to socialize with new people, make new friends, have fun and dress up while they’re at it.

Even though school just started, we can have plenty of good times together. Homecoming is a time to socialize and to have fun.

Considering we are one of the few schools that don’t have a formal homecoming, we could have so much more fun together if it were formal.

I know our students here at Chanute High school are very talented and can be creative with their ideas.

Why have a boring homecoming that people would not want to show up for instead of recreating the tradition as a formal homecoming?

If we all get the chance to dress formally, people could really surprise a special someone with your looks, or even have people raging with jealousy.

The casual look of a T-shirt and shorts isn’t astonishing anyone. The look doesn’t make anyone curious or even awed at your appearance. In this casual look you look like everybody else. What’s different about you makes you special, makes you unique.

Don’t you want to see the sparkle of jealousy, curiosity and astonishment in people’s eyes when they see the outfit you’re wearing?

Don’t you want people to give you compliments on what you were wearing or even how you did it?

If CHS had a formal HoCo it would be a great chance for a great time.