Creative solution needed

Rosebelle Toledo, Reporter

Chanute High School offers many diverse classes for students’ interests, however, I can’t help but feel slightly upset that creative writing is not one of them.

In my opinion, I think creative writing is absolutely necessary because it forces you to use your imagination in ways that make you aware of your surroundings. By encouraging adolescents to write from different narratives, it forces them to examine all sides of a story, not just one perspective.

It also provides an outlet for students to express and voice their feelings, especially those of whom are silenced or feel as if they can’t speak out. It’s a new way for students to look at themselves – writing creatively helps unearth who they really are and what they’re capable of. As a person who writes poetry and stories daily, having a class solely for writing expressively, instead of just the informative writing most English classes are required to teach, is a compelling idea, and would even make school more enjoyable.

Having creative writing in Chanute High School can open new opportunities for those who want to grow in who they are, and further helps us embrace our imagination rather than instilling the idea that we shouldn’t.