Restoring class to Chanute’s future

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
February 23, 2018

The class matrix often has changes from year to year, and is ready to move into a different direction. While this will not require all students to purchase eye-concealing sunglasses or all black outfits, it is time to question the matrix. The school is adding new programs like agriculture, culinary arts... Read more »

The Social Glitch in our Generation

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
January 29, 2018

Walking through the hallways of the school, it is clear to see that the cell phone hypnosis is growing year to year. Private lives are made public as they are snapped, insta’d, tweeted, and complained about on Facebook. While this happens, people are glued to the same screens that help spread negative... Read more »

Diagnosing the drug problem

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
December 16, 2017

Drugs are an epidemic. Most every student at CHS knows someone who regularly uses some sort of illegal substance or has experimented with one. While the school community may be aware of this, many teachers, parents, and administrators do not seem to realize just how big the problem is. However, the issue... Read more »

Here to stay or here for today?

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
November 10, 2017

What is love? No matter your personal opinion, don’t ask a high school student for a definition. Why? Because none of them know, or at least they don’t show that they do in their relationships. High school relationships are a huge part of what is wrong with this generation. In high school, relationships... Read more »

Homecoming makeover needed

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
October 6, 2017

Year after year homecoming has become less and less special. Many students feel disenfranchised from the event, many students just do not care. The event has become tired and routine; instead of being excited to choose candidates many students are indifferent. This year a new idea was introduced. The... Read more »