Acceptance of diversity essential for our schools

Recently there was a bit of controversy about whether or not two females could walk through Grand March together at Chanute High School. The issue was resolved when they defined prom as a “plus one” situation instead of as a date, allowing females to walk with females, males to walk with males, so on and so forth. This also relieves the stress of having a “date” instead of simply just…

March 10, 2016

Students need more access to cardio, weight facilities at school

March 23, 2015

Have you ever wanted to work off that enormous amount of junk food you ate or get in shape for a sport? If so you have probably found that the cardio room and weight room are locked and useless unless you have a teacher with you. We at The Comet completely understand the concerns of liability, lawsuits, and vandalism that administrators have expressed, but we feel that the exercise equipment…


Students turn to unhealthy choices in face of new lunch regulations

September 16, 2014

As the new school year begins, big changes are being made to our school lunch to supposedly make it healthier. With this new push by the federal government, our schools receive funding for adopting the program that removes all fried foods, sugary drinks and various desserts from the menu. The primary goal of the National School Lunch program is to teach kids how to properly choose healthy meals. The USDA…


Millenials expect too much coddling, not enough work

Editorial cartoon issue 9
May 13, 2014

“Every Student. Every Day.” Our district motto sets high standards for our faculty. Lately it seems like teachers take on more blame for failing students than the students themselves. True, no student should be left behind, but does that mean a teacher should be held responsible for their students’ shortcomings, forced to track down the uncooperative child while an attentive one sits waiting for attention? Teachers are required to spend…


Switching to two lunches comes at an inopportune time

cartoon edited
April 11, 2014

Here at Chanute High School we have a three-lunch system: A lunch, B lunch and C lunch. Each separated so that lunch will flow smoothly and efficiently with students. In the past, after the seniors have left B lunch would be eliminated, leaving only two lunches. This year that switch was made early, causing crowding and displeasure among students. We at the The Comet believe that the school has moved…


Hoop It Up For a Cure: A tradition that should be upheld by students

Almost everyone knows at least one person affected by cancer and can understand the hardships the person and the families go through. Many families and even former students have been affected with cancer so it has become a very relatable topic to most students. For the past five years, Chanute High School has held a “Hoop It Up For A Cure” fundraiser. The money raised by t-shirt sales is donated…

February 17, 2014

Grammar: an important thing CHS students should know how to use

editorial cartoon issue 5 yes
January 23, 2014

The apathy of grammar is extremely common throughout the student body. Improper placement of commas, the difference between “two, too and to” and “your and you’re,” are just a few of the common mistakes noticeable on twitter, book reports, daily conversation, and other social networking sites. Sure, just about every English class (even Senior English) reiterates basic English rules such as the conjugation of verbs: “I don’t, you don’t, he…


Jammed hallways cause probelms for students getting to class on time

We at the comet have noticed a distinct problem with students getting into “traffic jams” during passing periods; not only is it annoying to constantly bump into people it also causes some students to be late to class. Due to there being around 500 students at Chanute High School, during passing period students need to act like the hallways are roads; if the students do this then there will be…

December 12, 2013

Students, not clubs, to blame for lack of diversity in organizations

October 16, 2013

We at the Comet have noticed a very evident problem pertaining to our student body. Many of our students complain and criticize the decisions being made in school organizations, but very few of these complainers decide to take action, get involved and help change the issues they complain so much about. One club in particular, StuGo, deals with many of the issues that directly affect students. Although it is a…


Editorial: Local journalist does not speak for Chanute

A recent article by Chanute Tribune sports editor Brian McDowell took unprovoked shots at a fellow SEK town and a local college. Many people were deeply offended, not only Pittsburg residents and fans, but also Chanute High School students and members of the Chanute community. We at The Comet would like to make it clear that we do not support or share the views expressed in the article. While the…

September 25, 2013