Board Policy: Unknown and Confusing to Most

Rules play an important role in maintaining order and security. The level of strictness that various organizations enforce depend on the type of severity of certain situations. To prevent catastrophes, rules are implemented by those who govern the people. In education, the Board Policy serves as a written document that lists the rules, regulations, and consequences of numerous incidents for the school district. We at the Comet believe that many…

March 14, 2017

My Story: Gay but not happy

There are many things people never look forward to. Coming out as gay is one of them. When I found out I was gay in fourth grade, I was sort of relieved. I was, however, extremely worried what my parents would think if I told them. My head spun with thoughts of repulsion, rejection and fear. I didn’t want to be left alone again. Finally, after nearly shorting out my…

October 24, 2016