HallowThanksMas: Con

Kristen Umbarger, Reporter
November 10, 2017

This time of year, when holiday music is inescapable and people are busy slapping each other in the face with supposed holiday cheer, I realize just how much I hate the holidays. It wasn’t always like this. I too used to enjoy the holiday season. Yet as I grew older it became more and more apparent... Read more »

HallowThanksMas: Pro

Rosebelle Toledo, Reporter
November 10, 2017

Something about the holiday season separates it from the rest of the year. Whenever autumn rolls around, I am overwhelmed with feelings of anticipation knowing that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all coming. With family rendezvous and lightheartedness comes a sensation of community and love.... Read more »

Formal homecoming: pro

Vonna O'Brian, Reporter
October 5, 2017

It would be good for Chanute High school to have a formal homecoming because it would give our students a chance to socialize with new people, make new friends, have fun and dress up while they’re at it. Even though school just started, we can have plenty of good times together. Homecoming is a time... Read more »

Formal homecoming: con

Regan Smith, Reporter
October 5, 2017

Homecoming: when most hear this word, they think of making memories, having fun with friends, and just having a great time. I think the most common misconception about homecoming is that the dance is NOT equivalent to prom. In fact, prom and homecoming are two totally separate entities. Prom is a magical... Read more »