Blue Comet Football Blues

Callie Ray , Reporter

Blue Comets football head coach Clete Frazell knew this year would be different. Just how different he never could have expected.

 The Comets have been plagued by injuries, quarantine, and canceled games.

 “It’s been a crazy season, but I’m really proud of the way our guys have worked hard and never quit. Despite all the distractions they focus,” Frazell said.

The Comets lost their starting quarterback, sophomore Eric Erbe, due to a collarbone injury week one. Junior Kamden Koester filled in while Erbe was injured. Koester had an injury to his shoulder in the Comets’ third game.

 Freshman quarterback Kaiden Semester played varsity and got a concussion, missing the team’s 20-14 loss to Fort Scott . Senor Garrett Almond was quarterback while semester was recovering. Semester returned for the team’s fifth game

  “It is what it is. We are learning as we go and realize that stuff is going to happen. We just have to make adjustments on the fly and do the best we can do,” head coach Clete Frazell said.

  If the injuries weren’t enough the Comets were attacked by Covid-19. The Comets had to cancel week three and week four for cases on the team.

  “It was terrible. It sucked not being able to play for two weeks,” Frazell said. “It was the right decision, we only had 50% of our team to the point where it was not safe to play. It was not fun.” 

  Throughout all the roadblocks the Comets’ record is 2-3 overall, including 1-3 mark in SEK play. Up next the Comets play Labette county ( 2-5, 1-1 SEK ), the last game before the playoffs.